Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some crochet projects

I don't really create my own designs, therefore I am VERY thankful for those who do!  
I was very busy creating and selling before Christmas and here are some of my favorite projects:

 Ok so those first four pictures show you one of my very favorite hat patterns!  I found the pattern here:
For this project, I love to use Vanna's Choice Lion Brand yarn.

 Here is a basket weave hat and scarf I created using Red Heart Soft yarn.  I don't have patterns for them.  I have a book called "101 Crochet Stitch Patterns and Edgings" and that's where I learned how to create a basket weave stitch.  Then I figured out how to put it in to a hat and a scarf.  So I guess I did kind of create my own design in a way, but I don't have the pattern posted anywhere.

 I used ruffle scarf yarn to create these infinity scarves.  Instead of pulling the yarn out like you do to create a scarf, you keep it bunched up and use a large crochet hook (I used size Q or N, depending on desired result), and single chain through the entire skein of yarn.  Then tie the ends together and trim them.  So many different ways to wear this!

 These two hats are from another pattern I've used quite a bit.  I found it here:
I added another increase row (or two) and of course didn't add fake dreadlocks.

 I love this stitch pattern.  I found it here:

 I also love this shell stitch pattern.

 My son loves to play Minecraft, so I crocheted a Creeper hat.  Here's the pattern:

I used this scarf pattern to create a few of these.  It's a great pattern if you're making something in school colors too!

I've made lots of ruffle scarves.  I did create my own design for these scarves.  I just didn't like any other patterns out there so I made my own.  I have a YouTube video that's easy to follow:

I THINK this pattern is the one I used for this striped hat.  I have it printed and in my file anyway.  ;) 

This is a set of cotton dishcloths I created for a custom order.  I used this pattern:
Crocheted Dishcloth

And finally, here's my Facebook page where I post my creations (and sell them too!).
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